The 20 Funniest Instagram Accounts to Follow

These accounts will make you smile every time you open your Instagram feed.

There's no denying it, social media has revolutionized humor. Instagram, with its image-centric design, offers a unique platform for comedians, artists, and everyday users to spread joy and laughter. These ten Instagram accounts are on a mission to make you chuckle, cackle, and genuinely smile whenever you open your feed.

1. @CelesteBarber

It's hard to resist the charm and hilarity of Australian comedian Celeste Barber. Her account @CelesteBarber offers a hearty dose of reality with a twist. Barber recreates glamorous celebrity photos with a more relatable and hilarious perspective, reminding us all to laugh at ourselves.

2. @Miserable_Men

What happens when men are dragged on endless shopping trips? @Miserable_Men provides the answer in the funniest way possible. This Instagram account showcases men waiting for their partners in malls and stores, often in the most comical poses or situations.

3. @AwkwardFamilyPhotos

The Instagram account @AwkwardFamilyPhotos takes you on a hilarious journey through some of the most uncomfortable and downright funny family photos ever taken. If you think your family's Christmas photos are awkward, think again.

4. @TheOnion

The digital satirical powerhouse, The Onion, also has an Instagram presence @TheOnion. The account shares brilliantly funny articles, news headlines, and images. If you love your humor served with a side of satire, The Onion is a must-follow.

5. @Betches

Run by a group of female comedians, the account @Betches offers humor from a women’s perspective. From relatable memes to hilarious text exchanges and life observations, this account will definitely give you a giggle.

6. @Sarcasm_only

If your humor tends to be a little more on the sarcastic side, then @Sarcasm_only is the account for you. Filled with sassy memes, clever jokes, and perfectly timed puns, this account is a sarcasm lover’s paradise.

7. @FuckJerry

This popular Instagram account @FuckJerry curates the funniest content from around the web. From viral memes to hilarious videos, you’re sure to find something to laugh at in your daily scroll.

8. @Unspirational

For those days when you need a little humor to combat the everyday struggles, @Unspirational is the account to follow. This account serves up a variety of hilarious and relatable content that combines humor with real-life experiences.

9. @DadSaysJokes

Everyone loves a good dad joke, right? The account @DadSaysJokes collects the most groan-worthy, yet hilarious, dad jokes out there. Follow this account for a daily dose of puns and good, clean humor.

10. @Satiregram

Rounding out our list, @Satiregram is a clever commentary on the typical Instagram culture. The account posts fictional, over-exaggerated scenarios you'd often see on Instagram, serving them up with a generous side of satire.

More Laughter with Instagram

It doesn’t end there! With millions of accounts on Instagram, the humor is endless. If you've already followed the aforementioned accounts and still want more, we have additional suggestions that are guaranteed to keep you giggling.

11. @Memes

@Memes is a veritable treasure trove of humor, with a vast collection of the funniest and most trending memes from all corners of the internet. Their diverse and updated content ensures you'll never run out of reasons to laugh.

12. @OverheardLA

Ever eavesdropped on a conversation and heard something so bizarre or hilarious, you had to share it with someone? That's what @OverheardLA is all about. It captures real, overheard conversations in Los Angeles that are unintentionally hilarious.

13. @Best_of_Grindr

While @Best_of_Grindr is a nod to the LGBTQ+ community, its humor is universal. The account posts funny exchanges from the Grindr app that will have you laughing out loud.

14. @GothsDoingThings

Everyone loves a good laugh, and the Goths are no exception. @GothsDoingThings shares humorous and relatable posts about Goths doing everyday activities. It's an amusing, lighthearted look at Goth culture.

15. @ClassicArtMeme

Art lovers with a sense of humor will love @ClassicArtMeme. This account takes well-known pieces of art and adds a hilarious modern twist. It's a wonderful blend of culture, art, and humor.

16. @MiddleClassFancy

@MiddleClassFancy explores the hilarity in everyday, middle-class life. From dad shoes to potluck dinners, it’s a tongue-in-cheek exploration of the things we see and do every day.

17. @TextsFromYourEx

Breaking up can be tough, but it can also be funny. @TextsFromYourEx shares anonymous submissions of funny text exchanges between exes. It's a reminder that humor can be found even in the most unlikely situations.

18. @DogsofInstagram

Who can resist funny dogs? @DogsofInstagram is an account filled with humorous and adorable photos of man's best friend in all sorts of silly situations.

19. @ShitheadSteve

Follow @ShitheadSteve for a smorgasbord of memes, funny videos, and trending humor. No matter your sense of humor, you'll find something to laugh at here.

20. @BadTasteBible

Closing our list is @BadTasteBible. This account is dedicated to humor that’s so bad, it's good. For fans of outrageous and sometimes dark humor, this account is a must-follow.

It's clear that Instagram is more than just a platform for sharing pictures. It's a world of humor, a treasure trove of laughs, a sanctuary for those needing a break from the seriousness of life. The accounts listed above are just the tip of the iceberg. So, go ahead, dive in, explore, laugh, and make your Instagram feed a happier place.